With expertise that comes from years of careful attention to detail, Mary Lib Morgan of Perfectly Penned will thoroughly polish your projects. From line editing through proofreading, Mary Lib will make your work shine as she addresses each stage of the editing process following developmental editing. Whether a single page or a manuscript is submitted, Mary Lib will commit her Perfectly Penned editing skills to each customer’s needs; she guarantees your satisfaction with her finished work.


Perfectly Penned Editing

Business letters

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Cover letters and resumes

Dating profiles


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Perfectly Penned Editing, Defined

There are various interpretations of line editing, copyediting, and proofreading. Perfectly Penned ascribes to the following:

  • Line editing - a deep, sentence-by-sentence review of your complete work. The outcome? Each sentence’s meaning reflects exactly what you, the author, intend. Reordering of words within sentences, sentences within paragraphs, and paragraphs within a sequence of events may be necessary for clarity.

  • Copyediting - a review of the text or manuscript to ensure correct spelling and grammar.

  • Proofreading - the final check of a document for any remaining misspellings, punctuation errors, and formatting errors before it is sent for publishing. 


If the client presents a simple business or personal letter, it should require only a single cycle of line editing, copyediting, and proofreading. The client will then receive suggested edits to accept or reject via Google Docs or Microsoft Word Online. A contract will be created; work will begin with a 50% deposit of the final cost.


Business Letter Writing

  • You’re due a refund; it’s not coming...after three phone calls and two emails.

  • You were treated poorly at a local chain business; you want to notify its owners.

  • You are in a complex real estate process; your sales person isn’t responsive.

  • Your party of a lifetime was wonderful; you want to thank the organizer.


Business Promotion

  • You’re updating your restaurant menu and see it too often to edit accurately.

  • Your redesigned spa requires fresh materials; you need help with the text.

  • Your in-home business ad needs a careful review and maybe a redo!

  • You’re great at creating persuasive text, but your spelling and grammar skills are lacking and you’ve learned the hard way not to trust spelling and grammar-checking apps.


Cover Letters and Resumes​

  • You want your resume to stand out; this is the job of your dreams.

  • You know that getting noticed starts with clear, concise writing.

  • Your cover letter will set you apart from the pack...if well-written.

  • Your resume must be functional, concise, and convincing.


Dating Profiles

  • You’ve been out of the dating scene too long and you’d like to re-enter.

  • You seem to keep attracting the same type over and over...the wrong-for-you type.

  • Your profile sounds like every other profile you read. It needs to shine like you do!


Personal Letter Writing

  • You must share this life-changing event, but you want to do it carefully.

  • You treasure this relationship and things are too shaky to meet face to face.

  • You’re angry and need to let off steam...carefully and respectfully.                                                    

  • You need to ask forgiveness, but it may be too early for a face-to-face meeting.                             

  • You have crafted end-of-life wishes and must deliver this information to others.


Public Speaking Consultation and Training

  • You sound like a Valley Girl or Valley Guy – and you’ve been out of college 5 years.

  • You once said “Well,” to start speaking; now you say “So, well…”. You want to stop.

  • You have a new job and, for the first time, you’ll frequently speak to large groups.  



Of her first work assignments Mary Lib recalls, “My first customers in the winter of 2019 each needed a personal letter written. One had tried numerous times and was frustrated with his attempts and the outcome; the other didn’t trust herself to do this free of anger. I wrote letters based on a single consultation and customer outlines. One case was resolved and the relationship is improving; the other is at a stalemate. The customer was pleased with the letter, however, and has contracted with me twice since that time. Both customers reported that their recipients stated, ‘This was a really good letter!’ “


​Mary Lib will edit your written work and modify it as necessary to create a pleasing finished product. She will polish all flaws, giving your work the professionalism, clarity, and pizzazz it may have lacked. 


Mary Lib will coach people whose jobs and careers require strong communication skills: novice reporters, politicians, non-profit executives, and other younger professionals who desire to improve their public speaking as they plan to make advancements in their careers. She will also work with career-switchers who, for the first time, find themselves in roles where they routinely speak to groups of varying sizes.