Thank you! Thank you!

We've all heard about the power of gratitude. I try to live in a place that leaves plenty of space for gratitude. Lately, though, gratitude has been a prevailing theme as I'm preparing to launch my first website and receiving such great support in the process. So, without further ado, allow me to very publicly give thanks to a number of friends and colleagues who have supported me through the process of bringing the Perfectly Penned website to fruition.

First and most of all, thank you to Barry Plott of Shoeless RVA Photography! Barry, I'm grateful for your expertise and your patience, this lovely website design, and for your willingness to learn more than you ever wanted to know about WIX! It was great to reconnect after working with you at VDH. I'm so glad you agreed to bring my website to life.

Second, to my readers and reviewers: Maggie and Tracey - your feedback was invaluable. You caught issues I missed because I'd been too close to the content for far too long! Your time, honesty, and skill were so appreciated. Combined, they resulted in facilitation of a product that was far better than its original iteration.

To Jeanne of Jeanne's Unique Lens for such a beautiful business card design and for introducing me to Moo! It was easy to envision a website design based on my Perfectly Penned business card pen and font. It was such fun and so beneficial to work with you!

To Beth Hedquist - your referral resulted in my first customer! It's been great getting to know you better during my first year of business.

To Angie Lovero - you started me on this path of getting acquainted with the potential of social media to support and help grow my business a couple of years ago. I'm so excited that this website is live and ready for you to scan.

To Cindy Roman - my high school acquaintance who's become a great friend and encourager. Your willingness to take a risk in asking me to edit two books has been a motivating force behind moving my work forward. My editing and the incorporation of Perfectly Penned are a result of your inspiring messages.

To Cynthia Johnson - you gave me such a great nickname when I first talked about creating this business...The Miss Manners of Grammar! It's true! I'm holding onto tenets that may seem outdated, but they've always served me well. I believe others who speak for a living would benefit, too.

To John Pavlovitz - for inviting me to your bigger table and trusting me with your words.

To God-given creativity! It's led me to yet another new work opportunity...this one in the most convenient of settings.

To the folks - friends and family - who've been so patient with me as I've had to excuse myself from commitments during these past couple of months as website deadlines grew closer. You've been both understanding and supportive; I'm grateful! And now, I'm back.

And finally, to Jacqueline Poliquin, who came alongside me late in the process thanks to Cindy Roman...but at the perfect time. Jacqueline, thank you for your time, your eagle eye, your generosity, and your cheerleading. It's been inspiring to work with another woman who's had to make a long journey back to recovery from so much damage that a traumatic brain injury can cause. Like me, you were forced to give up a career. Like me, you persisted in recovery work to discover what you could still bring to the table. You give a new meaning to excellence in all things regarding spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Jacqueline, I know plenty of equals but you're the only person I know who's far superior to me in this work. I'm just grateful you're not for hire!!

Thank you! Thank you once again to each of the people, named and unnamed, who've been a part of my work this year and who've been so encouraging of another new idea...

Perfectly Penned: Polishing Your Communications.


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