It's Pretty Personal

As I launched Perfectly Penned on January 1, 2019, I was immediately enthused about helping clients make better first impressions with written and spoken material; assisting clients who are tasked with creating important documents; and copyediting or proofreading for clients as they write their first novel or something slightly shorter. Yes, I was feeling enthused, but it occurred to me that my potential clients may be experiencing different feelings...pretty personal feelings. Memories of red ink, perhaps?

Businesses born out of real or perceived needs enthusiastically voice their capacity to address what the consumer views as a weakness or shortcoming.

  • Need to lose 12 to 20 pounds in a month? “Call or order in the next 24 hours!”

  • Want to bulk up to your 30 year old self? “A gym membership can be yours now!”

  • Tired of penciling imperfect eyebrows? “There’s a tat for that!”

If you are dissatisfied with your body or brow, multiple options await you for the mere effort of tapping ten digits on your phone – and the willingness to hold.

If you're dissatisfied with your spelling or writing, though, the remedy may not be so readily accessed; it may be complicated by memories of red ink on spelling tests or creative writing assignments. Once out of the educational setting, these memories may rise to the surface again as a workplace supervisor asks you to edit her work and is clearly displeased with your finished product. She delivers a message of dissatisfaction to you in a less than sensitive manner and now the entire team is thinking red ink.

I was always pretty bad at most sports requiring eye-hand coordination, i.e. ALL sports involving balls, no matter the size. That dogged me in school, proving to be incredibly embarrassing on the playground and, later, in high school gym classes. After graduation, though, I could easily elect not to be involved. I could hide my poor performance in tennis, bowling, basketball, baseball – you name it.

Writing's not easily hidden, however. Most 9 to 5ers have to write, type, or text to some degree each and every work day. Unless those who struggle have created effective avoidance techniques, poor writing can continue to dog them. But it's important to remember this: The measure of spelling and writing skills never has and never will determine level of intelligence or resourcefulness. Many highly talented, gifted, and intelligent people are less than stellar at spelling and writing. The presence of these well-developed skills, however, always serves as an advantage and often influences the impression others have of you.

Celebrate YOUR intelligence! If you’re a gifted artist, you likely already do a fabulous job communicating thoughts and feelings and sharing gifts through your artwork. If you’re a musician, you do the same with your favorite instrument. If you’re mechanically inclined, you often have the opportunity to express your love and concern for self and others through fixing what’s broken – and you are loved and treasured for this.

If your particular intelligence happens not to be in written communication and you’re facing a critical writing task, you are resourceful enough to get help. Writing is pretty personal...and Perfectly Penned can polish your personal and business communications, enhancing the first impression and every impression you make.