Polishing Your Public Speaking Voice

Within 3 to 7 seconds, initial judgments about you and your personal presentation are being formed by your audience...whether that’s your potential boss, client, or mate. That’s harsh, but it’s reality!


Mary Lib can assist you in becoming more confident in your oral communication, regardless of whom you address. She will guide you in employing strategies to replace false starts and fillers such as and, I mean, like, so, um, well, and you know and combinations of these with more pleasing and more professional substitutions. You can significantly reduce the incidence of false starts and fillers. You will experience increased self-confidence in situations from speaking to your boss to addressing a large crowd, or anything in-between. 


If oral communication is routinely required in your job – or it has great importance in your life – and you want to polish some of its elements, contact Mary Lib Morgan at Perfectly Penned today!