My Path to Perfectly Penned

Hi and thanks for stopping by! I'm Mary Lib Morgan, owner of Perfectly Penned. Please take some time to explore my website and discover the services available at Perfectly Penned. I’m here to help you.


I’ve recreated myself professionally five times over thirty years, but never strayed too far from the world of education. Threads of excellent spelling, writing, and speaking were carefully woven through each work assignment I completed. I gradually came to terms with a general annoyance when discovering misspelled words in any written product from books, formal documents, and social media profiles to my own quick texts, trinkets, and motivational signs. I often wondered how to rid my small corner of the world of these careless imperfections. Acknowledging my impeccable eye for error, I decided to incorporate with the goal of helping people accurately convey their qualifications to their chosen audience through work I would polish.


Mom to three adult sons and a daughter-in-law; Mimi to one grandson and one more on the way, I am now an empty nester whose greatest joys are family, friends, dance, being on the water, travel near and far, and producing error-free written documents for myself and others. I am as committed to the investment of perfect penning when I take on your next editing project as I am to the perfect penning of my own work.


Throughout my childhood, my parents modeled excellent communication skills and I am ever grateful. These skills served me well throughout my school years. Receiving my first several graded freshman English papers from a favorite college professor remains a standout memory from that time. Oversized As were at each paper’s conclusion; these questions appeared below each A:


                    Are you an English major? 

                    If not, why not? 


I had chosen to study speech, language, and communication disorders and worked as a public school speech pathologist for twenty-five years. I never forgot Dr. Foley’s affirming questions, though, and sometimes wonder what life as a journalist, author, professor, or reporter might have offered me.


Following my career as a speech pathologist, I accepted a position as an instructional support teacher–providing academic and social-emotional skill building for elementary students. A hallmark of that work was instituting a No Excuses school-wide spelling program for first through fifth grade students. Weekly lists were created from Rebecca Sitton’s No Excuses Words, which always included grade appropriate homophones such as to/too/two; their/there/they’re; and air/err/heir. These words were combined with a sampling of words from the county-wide spelling curriculum. Repetitive practice exercises featured engaging strategies that facilitated student mastery of weekly lists. 

Expanding on the communication theme, I created a Formal Language Training Program in a school serving many children in poverty and many who spoke only casual language. The Formal Language Training curriculum facilitated code shifting so that students whose home language was casual could more effectively negotiate the formal language of the school setting. Successful code shifting practices contributed to fourth and fifth graders receiving a passing certification on their state writing assessments for the first time in several years. 


In a later career, I was polishing my capacity to address adult audiences of five to 500 at local, state, and national conferences. Feedback in conference evaluations consistently emphasized excellent communication skills. Appreciating a natural skill in oral communication and careful attention to spelling and grammar, I decided to use these gifts to create a business in life after retirement. January 1, 2019 would be the perfect time to incorporate Perfectly Penned and to support adults in need of polished communications or editing for their future publications. 


If you or someone you know may need my services, please contact me or refer them to me. I look forward to perfectly penning and polishing your communications.