Copyediting involves checking a manuscript to ensure accuracy and consistency in spelling, punctuation, and grammar – three areas that quickly come to mind when a document is reviewed at this level. Equally as important are consistency in capitalization, font, hyphenation, numerical representations, and syntax. If inconsistency in any of these areas emerges, copyediting quality – and the quality of your work – plummets. Copyediting ensures correct spelling of all proper nouns and consistency of character traits and story timelines. Copyediting should always follow the line editing process. The Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, Chicago Manual of Style Online, and Associated Press Stylebook are the go-to resources for Mary Lib and Perfectly Penned.


It takes both an eagle eye and an excellent visual memory to catch variations in the spelling of proper nouns within a single work. From people’s names and names of cities and towns to names of streets and buildings, consistency is imperative in spelling. Punctuation, grammar, and capitalization must also be consistent throughout your work. 


Mary Lib at Perfectly Penned will judiciously employ both an eagle eye and excellent visual memory in polishing your work. That’s a guarantee.