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Cynthia Roman, Ed. D.

Desperate Trek: One Family's Journey From Honduras To Texas

The drug gangs moved in and the jobs moved out. As the gangs demanded allegiance and law and order disintegrated, Jorge realized that his family's survival required them to leave their homeland. The Hernandez family joined thousands of other families on their journey north to the U.S. border, motivated by desperation. By the time Jorge, his pregnant wife Maria, and his five-year-old daughter, Sofia, reached the border between Guatemala and Mexico, they were already exhausted, hungry, and fearful. Little did they know what lay ahead.

Published by Salt Water Media, 29 Broad Street, Suite 104, Berlin, MD 21811

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Christopher S. Roman, Ph. D. & Adapted by Cynthia Roman, Ed. D.

Lifetime to Lifetime: A Tale of Rebirth and Spiritual Awakening

Many of us spend our lives looking for meaning——who am I and why am I here? This tale of love and enlightenment may hold some answers. It is a modern fable about a twelve-year-old boy, Eric, who discovers that he has a mystical gift——a gift that transforms his life and the lives of his family and friends. Narrated by his older brother, Sam, it is a tale that transcends time and experience. May this story resonate in your own heart and stir a yearning for magic and meaning in your life. 

Published by Salt Water Media, 29 Broad Street, Suite 104, Berlin, MD 21811

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Cynthia Roman

"Look no further than  Mary Lib Morgan at Perfectly Penned as the editor or marketer of your next writing project!  Mary Lib edited my new novel, Desperate Trek, and her work took my writing to a whole new level.  She has mastered the ability to combine good grammar and sentence structure with the author's personal style. Plus, Mary Lib's sparkling personality and accessibility make her the 'perfect partner!'. "


Hunter R.

"Thank you for helping me write my resume. Your help was invaluable; I appreciated your time very much. Because I had special circumstances with my health earlier in my teens, I definitely needed to come up with an “alternative” type of resume. You helped me find a template and develop a format I felt comfortable with. Your communication and followup in helping me stay on track with getting a job were very helpful. 


All of these things contributed to me realizing my positive attributes, gaining confidence, and putting myself out there to get a job. Thank you so much!"


Stephanie W.

"I had an important letter to write to a family member in which I needed to convey my compassion for their situation, but also a boundary that needed to be in place before I could resume a relationship.  I had a meeting with Mary Lib and described the hurtful history of this relationship and I wanted the overall feeling of the letter to be kind yet firm. This letter was so sensitive in nature, I didn't trust myself to be objective and I really needed the recipient to "hear" me. Mary Lib constructed a beautiful letter and I felt empowered when mailing it. As it turns out, the receiver did "hear" me and I am very grateful to Mary Lib for contributing to the positive outcome."


Jennifer Mc.

Perfectly Penned was a lifesaver when my resume became too overwhelming for me to finish. Living in Tennessee, I had to communicate with Mary Lib through email and text and she was always quick to respond. I definitely recommend Perfectly Penned to polish that resume and create a beautiful cover letter. 


Richard Adams

Mary Lib was a breath of fresh air as I began working my way through the process of writing my first book, 11 Brown Lane: A Memoir. She walked me through the process of rewriting certain passages and carefully handled all the details of editing the book. Working with Mary Lib was truly a collaborative process. She helped me become aware of my “voice” and employed its power as she edited.


For the first-time or veteran writer, I highly recommend Mary Lib for polishing your projects, books, and writings. Thank you, Mary Lib!

Richard Adams

Owner, Oink Publishing