Consulting and Training

Learn strategies for straight talk without the fillers. And, I mean, like, so, um, well, you know and combinations of these aren’t intended to initiate intelligent conversation, but they often do. They add no value to a message and can be reduced significantly. Mary Lib will coach young professionals who want to reduce these fillers: novice reporters and other younger professionals who want to improve their public speaking as they plan to advance their careers. She will also work with career-switchers who, for the first time, find themselves in roles where they routinely speak to groups of varying sizes.

Face to face consulting is available if you live or work in the Richmond, Virginia region. Personalized online training can be arranged if you are long distance. Mary Lib Morgan of Perfectly Penned challenges you to dress your speech to impress with your

sound as intelligent as you are. Mary Lib will work with you in achieving that goal.