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Hi and thanks for stopping by Perfectly Penned! I’m Mary Lib Morgan – here to perfectly pen and polish your next vital communications. I’ll address each of your needs; you’ll impress

each of your recipients. Whether your potential employer, client,

or your next online dating partner, your recipient will note the engaging, professional tone of your written or spoken work.


Using skills developed in former work, I am now finding purpose

as a writer and editor. Incorporating Perfectly Penned on

January 1, 2019 has allowed me to support people who are challenged by or simply don’t enjoy the writing process. If I’m describing you, contact me today at I pledge customer satisfaction with each product I deliver.


Mehran B.,

Second Language Professional

“I have been very pleased with Mary Lib’s writing skills. As a non-native English speaker, at times I struggle with conveying my message succinctly. Mary Lib has completed two writing projects for me and is in the midst of the third one.

She reduced a four-page document to a single page and a seven-page document to two pages while including all essential information. I appreciate the work she has provided, her flexibility in meeting, and her careful attention to detail. Her turnaround time is certainly reasonable. Without hesitation, I would recommend Mary Lib for your writing service needs.”

Here's What Clients Say

John Pavlovitz,

Author and Pastor

"Mary Lib is a treasure!

She is the perfect combination of technical skill and kind heart, able to balance the needs of the project and the person. She is thorough, attentive, enthusiastic — and really good at what she does.

I recommend her highly!"

Cynthia Roman,


"Look no further than  Mary Lib Morgan at Perfectly Penned as the editor or marketer of your next writing project!  Mary Lib edited my new novel, Desperate Trek, and her work took my writing to a whole new level.  She has mastered the ability to combine good grammar and sentence structure with the author's personal style. Plus, Mary Lib's sparkling personality and accessibility make her the 'perfect partner!'. "

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